I made it in to the Burbank Comedy Festival




But you haven't updated your site in a year!




You were busy in June, but hey now it's July




ME @ Comedy Store 6/7/13































If you love me you'll watch it twice.



I wrote a little program over the weekend that I will be adding to my website, I may even make it available to the great masses.  So of course I made a commercial for it, I've posted the video in two places, Funny or Die and YouTube.  If you love me you'll watch it in both places... Plus YouTube allows you to watch it in full 1080 HD.

















My best set to date - UPDATE



I had a great set last night at Flappers, definitely my best to date.  I'll have video soon, but here is the audio from the show.



















How I fail, 3 minutes at a time.

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